Carrick Emmets GFC

est. 1903

1914. One Hundred years ago! The match between Monaghan and Armagh in the semi-final of the Ulster Championship at Carrickmacross on Sunday 2nd August resulted in a scoreless draw. The play was good and clean throughout but the shooting of the forwards left much to be desired. Armagh during the first half had the better of the game though playing against the wind and Monaghan severely repelled repeated attacks. With the wind against them in the second half Monaghan chiefly the aggressors and barely missed a few times. They were confident of victory and were disappointed with the result.  There was a very large attendance and much interest was centred in the result! From the throw in Armagh came away per Duffy but were repulsed by Downey. Play was of a give and take nature and Monaghan were defending when the half time whistle sounded; there was no score from either side! On resumption it looked like Monaghan could win; the forwards seemed to improve and Armagh were defending. Armagh looked like scoring from a free-kick which went wide. In a scrimmage near the Armagh goal their goalkeeper got hurt and had to retire. A free-kick came to Armagh in front of the Monaghan posts and a disputed point resulted but the referee did not allow the score. Play was now in Armagh territory and Monaghan had hard lines with a good shot when the long whistle sounded. Six Carrickmacross players were involved with the team; Jess Connolly (Captain) James Downey, Ignatius McCaffrey, P Gartlan, Keelan and James Costello in goals.